• Remedy for external use on solidol basis
    Therapy of Psoriasis
    Kartalin doesn't contain any synthetic nor hormonal components, it has
    demonstrated low acute and chronic toxicity, lack of local irritation and
    no athrophy of epidermis as well. Can be used for a long time
    without addictions.
    ..therapy is also used for:

    - Neurodermitis
    - Athropic eczema
    - Chronic eczema
    - Keratodermitis
     (keratoderma blennorrhagica)
    - Allergic eczemas
  • Efficiency up to 94%, only natural components
    Effect visible in 2-3 weeks
    At most of the patients, fast and long lasting remission has beeen monitored.
    Kartalin can be used in a long term without any side effects or health problems.
    It is suitable also for children from 3 years of age.
  • Strong keratolytic and anti-itching effect
    Positive patient's reports
    Patients reported excellent and long-term effects of Kartalin usage.
    Recommended application takes from 2,5 to 4 months on average
    depending on the degree of skin infection and duration of illness.
  • Research was carried out in the European Union
    Success in clinical testing
    Kartalin was reported as effective Preparation at the Siberian State Medical
    University, Tomsk, and the Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies,
    Moscow, in many dermatological clinics in Russia and abroad,
    with a positive rating.
  • Active distribution in more than 15 countries
    Succesfully sold for over 10 years
    The most convenient way to buy Kartalin is to contact our local partner.
    If not available feel free to order from our e-shop or find it in local pharmacy.
    As a standard package is considered tube containing 100ml of the Preparation.

Public Events Participation

Our company represents Kartalin at all major dermatological congresses and seminars in the Czech Republic, as well as some of the events in Ukraine and Russia.

Also, we are ready to attend similar events in other countries together with our local partners..

More information..
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